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First of all, I am not married… not yet. Like I said to Minty, that’s just what I call him. Confession Possession. If everything goes according to plan though, I will be inviting y’all to a July wedding. Fingers crossed.
Savage, you have put me on the spot and even when I was inviting these questions I knew the ones from you were going to be the toughest to field but I am prepared.
Caveat: My answers might alter the way some of you see me but I guess it’s better to be honest.
1) Yes, though I don’t know if I should call it a one – night stand seeing as it lasted 3 days.
2) No. I have never cheated on any one of my boyfriends. What’s the point? If I get to a stage in a relationship where I am even thinking of sleeping with anyone other than my partner, I consider this a big sign in red neon telling me it’s over. So no, never cheated.
3) My girlfriends, I would like to think. I have never actually been in a situation where I had to choose and I don’t like to predict my behaviour because I usually surprise even myself but I have known my girlfriends forever and I am usually skeptical of new people so based on this information it would be girlfriends trumps lover.
4) 16. Doris, how shocked are you?
5) I am the kind who has nothing against tattoes. I would have something nuetral that can be altered if the situation is. For example, my ex-boyfriends initials are JS and I always thought of getting the initials which I would later fill in with ESU if anything ever happened which it did so it’s a good thing I didn’t get it.
6) This question is… I am speechless. I am going to answer it but I expect you to comment and tell me why you asked it and also how you prefer it. No.
Onto Inktus’ qns;
1) First love – details
2) Fav. sibling – reasons
3) Fav. song – reasond

1) This is going to be hard pill to swallow for some of you but Alfred is actually my first love. I have had boyfriends before but none I have ever really loved. My last boyfriend and I were together 4 years and were talking marriage but I never really was in love with him. I realise this now and I know some of you are going to ask if I realise this after we broke up, if something happens with Alfie won’t it be the same thing? No, it won’t. I have never been as afraid of being dumped as I am now. It would completely shatter me because this is the only time I have ever really cared. I have never been dumped by the way. Another thing you might not believe, when I was 14 I had a dream of the man I was going to marry and to describe him I might as well be describing Alfie. From the time I had the dream till now, I had never dated a man with the specifications of my dream man. No one light, tall, thin, handsome. All my boyfriends have been dark, some fat others small. None of them conventionally handsome but Alfie is my dream man. So Ishta my first love story is still being written and I will fill you in along the way.
2) I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, Cindy, Doris and Arnold. Doris is my fav. sibling (I hope you are happy to see I am writing about you). When I was younger it used to be Arnold simply because Doris was so big headed but now she is more grown up and so am I so we get along much better. Cindy is 11 years younger than me so that might explain why she isn’t.
3) I don’t have a favourite song. I have a favourite book and a favourite movie but no fav. song. I don’t know why. My fav. book is Man and Boy by Tony Parsons, you should all read it. It is amazing. Coming a close second is The Little Prince. I don’t even know who wrote it, it’s a children’s book but with some of the most profound things you will ever read. My fav. movie is Tuesdays with Morrie with Hank Azaria and Jack Lemmon. If you watch this movie and read those books it might give you and insight on who I am.
I think I have answered all your questions satisfactorily. I have a few of my own for y’all so go ahead and ask me to ask you. Thank you for giving me something to blog about, I was dying here.
I’m out.


27 thoughts on “Answers.

  1. But u didn’t answer all the qns? U wana cut us out??? huh?

  2. I am so sorry. I realised after posting that I had missed out a few questions so I will answer them here.
    @Cherie: I have no idea why he does not blog. I am always on his case to post and he keeps saying he will and he doesn’t. I am almost tempted to post for him and say glaringly nice things about myself.
    @Iwaya: Ronery is the way a Chinese person would pronounce lonely according to Team America: World Police which you must watch if you haven’t already, or go ahead and watch it again if you have.
    @Goddess of sorts: I did answer number 6.
    @Degstar: Still single according to the law.
    @Cherie (again): If you could get a refund I would advise you to and pay for a school with a worthy education like Kitante Primary School.
    Am I off the hook now?

  3. Ok the only reason I asked Qn. 6 in word one- Mischief.

    Everything I do is motivated by mischief.So go ahead and feel sorry for my co-workers.

    On the question of how I prefer it, frankly I wouldn’t know the difference.
    So any which way I am down.

  4. Ya’ll can ask me too. The answers will be my first post for when I resume blogging in two weeks.

  5. Someone is really high on Alfie.

    Mbu I had this dream when I was 14.

  6. @Jay: I had the dream, I’m not kidding.

  7. i read this blog cause i have nothing to do on the net. THANKS FOR MAKING ME POPULAR.remember it was first ernest(national) and now its you! AM TELLING YOU AM GOING INTERNATIONAL.the sky is ma limit if i fall,i will be among the stars.

  8. I just staggered on this blog,..and…well,its a bit like readinga chic’s diary, kinda cool. Does this happen often?…I mean this openeness about your life?

  9. Before personal experience, i could never have believed you when you say that Alfie is your first love but apparently things are different for girls. i have listened to many girls tell me how they were in love for the first time when i have known them to have had boyfriends before the one they declare to be the love of their life. does this make sense?

    i would also never have believed it that a woman can go out with a guy for a year, two and more, sleep with him and in all that time never experience an orgasm. i just found that incredible to imagine, couldn’t bring myself to believe that until …well…this is becoming too much for adults!

  10. Am new here! Did I miss anything? I mean this seems an interacive blog..

  11. @iwaya- And the bummer is you being that guy who denied her an… okimanyi.

  12. @Bikozulu: Yes, but you will have to come here more often to find out for sure won’t you. Thanks for visiting, come again.
    @Iwaya: I know men who believe that the female orgasm is a myth, that this surprises you surprises me.
    @Doris: Nga you you didn’t ask me anything?
    @Klara: Nice to have you by.

  13. eh! where’s the nearest Alfie depot? i need me one of them ‘first love’ thingermabobbers!

    also, i jst wanted to know who u were closer to, arnold or doris. and u mean to tell me Doris isn’t big headed anymore? lol!!!

  14. Love is sweet, really.
    One more question. Does Alfie know all this about you? As in, not by reading your blog, but from one of those conversations you’ve had.

    I believe you about the dream.

  15. @minty: Thanks. It’s nice to know someone believes me. To answer your question, yes he knows.

  16. i really wanted to ask this one but i don’t know how i forgot. really and no one has asked it surprisingly. i suspect i know the meeting through blogging part but how did you and Alfred meet? that is what i want to know. it isn’t too secret, is it?

  17. @Iwaya: I think I blogged about that once. Anyway, after talking and hitting it off we decided to bump into each other at Steak Out’s Rock Night, he then suggested picking me up from work, ran late, made me wait for him at the Shell Select here in Bugolobi, picked me up only to make me wait some more at Nandos and then we finally made it to Steak Out where we had so much fun.
    I hope that was satisfactory.

  18. Hey! I remember reading that with a crucial detail left out: his name. so you do owe us another post with hindsight tucked in there!

  19. okay was i really that bigheaded. and about savages number 4 who. does alfie have any twin

  20. @Doris: don’t embarass me, punctuate. You do know what a question mark is for, right?
    About your question you will never know and even if you did, you wouldn’t believe it.

  21. oh please. am reading and i dnt have time for those useless punctuations.

  22. We HAD to read the little prince in french class and it was torturous because it had too much literature for a kids’ book. I almost ran myself over with a toy truck when i discovered the movie version!!
    “I have never been as afraid of being dumped as I am now”…I wish someone had said that of me. Love is very much like sky diving: you just gotta close your eyes and jump…and hope that your parachute opens, that you dont crash into a building or windmill, that you land somewhere in the target zone, that you dont puke on the way do-…
    Love is nothing like sky diving.

  23. my dear Friend deekay let me ope that you have not forgotten that you told me Rashid was your First, one and Only True love who will alwaiz be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dont Kill me for letting the cat out of the bag

  24. @Faith: I was a baby and besides I never told you I was scared of being dumped by him, this is the measure by which I know just how much someone means to me.

  25. @faith/dee: hmmm. this is an interesting, disturbing development.

  26. deekay it was a joke, comeon
    dnt tell me yoiu took it that serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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