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I am so ronery like Kim Jong Il said in Team America: World Police. That is why I have been so quiet. My social life had started revolving around my husband who is out of town now and has been for so long now, I have lost count. Seriously, if he doesn’t come back soon, the time I haven’t seen him in will be longer than the time I have actually spent with him.

I called someone yesterday and he said he doesn’t remember me. Now, this never happens to me… at all, so you will appreciate my shock. I just could not believe it. A name like mine does not easily skip one’s memory. Later I find out he was joking, this wasn’t funny. Anyway, it got me thinking about how mean I must be coz I never remember anyone, my memory is total crap. That said, I can’t forget all y’all who actually take time out to read this crap and actually miss me when I am gone.

In the abscence of a social life, I have been doing alot of thinking and I wonder if the concept of Pay it Forward would work in a practical world. I know it would be ideal ( have you guys seen that movie? The concept is, if someone does you a good turn, instead of paying them back, you do a good turn to someone else, in effect, paying it forward) and I was thinking about it and I just did not see it working especially since some people can’t even be bothered to pay it back. What do you think?

Also, so I can have something to write in my next post, I am pulling a Jayesque move. Ask me, anything. You can do it in my comments or send me an email, but please be nice… or don’t, doesn’t matter.

I’m out.


23 thoughts on “Ronery!!!

  1. Husband???? Is that what you went to do in Ssese? That what the two witnesses were for?
    Just asking, as you asked us to ask.

  2. No Minty. I just call him that. You know how they say confession is possession. I am confessing so I can possess.

  3. Allrighty baby! Good on you.

  4. @minty…that also scared the day outta me! anyhow,good on the confession and possesion thing! Lemme borrow this leaf so i can actualy posses.

    P.S cant think of anything to ask?

  5. actually…don’t blame me,i went to Buganda Rd Pri. Sch. u think i need to get my refund???

  6. uhmmm…ronery? horny? ….what does ronery mean? coz i never heard of it before!

  7. GWE CHERIE…wat u saying about peeps who went to buggie road…dont start nuthing

  8. you have bored me. i think ur life is getting boring. and i have watched that movie

  9. doro, even after all these years, you can still make me laugh with a one-liner!

    and darlkom, i shall be emailin u shortly…

  10. You asked for it,so here we go;

    1. Have you ever been involved in a one- night stand?

    2. Have you ever cheated on your partner as in slept with someone else while gooing out with another? Going on a date doesn’t count.

    3. Personally, I am a BROS B4 HOS kinda person, if it came down to a situation where you had to choose between siding with ya girl friends and your boyfriend, whose side would you choose?

    4. When did you lose ya virginity?

    5.If you were the kinda who has nothing against tattoos, would you have your boyfriend’s name tattooed on you?

    And now the Grand dad of all questions.

    6. Did you pull?

  11. eeii savage… how can u ask No.6?
    Darlkom… u’re not alone on this one! I gat yo back.

    Now I ask…mine is plain simple

    Wats up with Alfie? He don’t blog no more…

  12. But Savage, oli wakaabi! I smell a crush here…I’ve suspected for a while now that Savage may have a crush on Darlkom…and with all those personal questions he just asked, I think he just proved me right!

  13. eh banange. I love Darlkom like the kid sister I never had..

    For a while there she was single. I could have hollared.

  14. you’re not really gonna answer savage’s number 6, are you??????

  15. first of all goddess of sorts who r u. and savage how can u ask that. YOU ARE JUST A STALKER. darlkom be afraid, BE VERY AFRAID.

  16. Savage, that’s a question that’s hard to ask, even girl-to-girl in secret!!!

  17. Savage, step into my office for a stern reprimand.

    “Never do it!”

    Consider yourself chastised.

  18. @minty…our wedding pic!!!

  19. so,
    did yer do the thingi or not?

  20. @Dee,
    wama me i was asking whether u and alfie jumped d broom, not those things of which Sav spoke.

  21. @cherie, if you don’t repost first, we are taking this fight outside.

  22. Hey Darlkom, notice how it sounds rike he says Kim Yong Eugh?

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