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Actual Post


I have been a bit AWOL, you might have noticed. This is because I didn’t work on Friday or Saturday and I came in late on Monday. I have been playing catch up since and have not had time to blog. While I was away I read 2 books and started a 3rd. Nick Hornby’s ‘High Fidelity’ and ‘He’s just not that into you,’ which is hilarious, read it even if he is that into you or you a guy, Alfie and I were laughing out loud at many of the answers Greg gave these women. I have started Salman Rushdie’s ‘Shalimar The Clown’ which I am loving.
Aside from reading, I had the most banging weekend. I went for Rock Night on Thursday with Alfie so he could meet some of my closest friends who I hadn’t seen in a while (read: gone out with). Aino, Swidi, Zam and Fio. Only Kaza wasn’t there but she has seen him twice previously coz she actually goes out unlike the othe four. I would like to say he was an instant hit but with my friends Quasimodo would be an instant hit if they believed I was as ecstatic about him as I am about Alfred. Anyway, because I went out on Thursday, I had a sleep in on Friday. I woke up later to go out again, this time with Alfred and his friends, Lucy and Ali. Anyway got back in at 11.00am on Saturday morning, slept till Sunday and then went to the beach with Steve and Anne, two more of Alfred’s friends. Got back in at about 2.00 am and woke up at 8.00am on Monday yet that’s the time I am supposed to be in.
In short, my weekend rocked!!!!
When you have a bit of time check this out.
Talk or write to you soon.


25 thoughts on “Actual Post

  1. the million dollar question in the blogsphere: WHO IS ALRED?

    i mean he’s being introduced to all but us, when is he being introduced to us? why are we being left out?

    really WHO IS ALFRED?

  2. Alfred show yourself.

    We know you read her blog. where’s yours? Come to think about it, he’s probably one of us. Must have posted a comment or so sometime.

    Maybe i can guess by elimination
    Baz – never!
    iwaya – out (see above)
    Savage – too far
    Degstar – erm… no
    joshi – too far
    jay – hmm… nah
    countryboi – too quiet
    the One – close, but i dunno

    sheesh, im out. anyone else wanna have a go?

  3. I don’t like that cursory dismissal, ssebo. That elimination is like “You’re like a brother to me.” Those are things you don’t say about grown men.

    Ammend that to “Baz: Never been to Rock Night” and stop emasculating me.

    and then add Iwaya: Never!

  4. And I thought I was thew only person left in this city Who still knew how to live it up.

    This Alfie chap must be a real happenner.

    Rock On

  5. Darlkom the committee is giving you 7 days tp reveal who this mysterious blogger you like you call Alfie is.

  6. The subcommitee is taking bets. Good money on the long shots.

  7. Ok this Dante person is missing from the list. Could he be the one?

  8. Can it be code for A Life Form Reading Everyone’s Deduction…

  9. Actually, that Darlkom tells us to go cavalier’s blog. I get a sneaking suspicion he could actually be this Alfie phenomenon.

    The jury is out on Cavalier and Dante.

  10. @Savage: that is not Cavalier’s blog, it’s an anonymous blog page where any one can post. If you bothered to scroll down to the first entry you would know this.
    @Everyone: None of you is even close.

  11. I figured it out yesterday. I am way too Jack Bauer for you dudes.

    And by the way, why is it that none of the women are in this melee of debating? Oba they also already know?

  12. @savage actually there’s 2 cavalier(s). There’s the original one, back at the community blog. & then there’s me.

    logging in is a pain sometimes so i picked the first name that came to my head – which was right after i’d read a comment by the original guy.

    its why i didnt put me name on the list anyway.

  13. Impersonating me, eh? we’ll see about that.

    You are about to experience a world of pain.

  14. Darlkom solve this mystery already.

  15. people…..Darlkom’s dude is that surburbia guy. i sed sometime back and i say it again. if u go bat to the post where she proclaims her love…he’s the only guy who knows her nu guy isn’t the kafunda dude!

    @darlkom….dispute this! if u dare.

    my reward awaits.

  16. just read the “off the shelf” post again….darlkom,surburbia scooped u off that shelf! Totubuzabuza!

    i’m computer green,so i dunno how to make that link thing u guys all do(subtle hint)but just go bact to her august archives,,”off the shelf” and see for yo self.

    am so excited,like i’ve just won the US open!

    @baz…guy akumanyidde…mbu baz- never(complete with the exclamation mark!)i swear, to semba nakyo!

    @darlkom…yo dude is on Charlie White… am not judging…just sayin.
    sorry for the longish comment.

  17. yeah, with Cherie’s help, this Alfie mystery is solved.
    Actually snooping around this blog;
    Yielded an email addy with a handle “alfred_knight”

    So that definitely is Alfred.

    And incase I never said this before; Congratulations Alfred.

  18. Congs Cherie, Baz, Savage! i believe the blog detectives have cracked the mystery satisfactorily!

    we are now all eagerly waiting for pix of the happy couple! Congs you two!

  19. @ Savage and Cherie–but if you read surburbia’s blog, he says he’s been dating his girl for 4 yrs, off and on, and recently just tried to patch things up.Darlkom’s dude, on the other hand, seems like a totally new person in her life. For that reason therefore, I dou!!

  20. @(the last commenter)the gal he’d been seeing for 4yrs caught him romancing Charlie White and that ended their relationship! So out her, in Darlkom!

  21. i still believe there’s some twist in here somewhere. by now, darlkom shd be saying “hey, u got me!”

    but instead she’s prolly somewhere laughing & pointing at the theories

  22. Ok, I am busted. My latest post will explain my absence. You guys were like CSI with this thing.

  23. now since u have owned up….wats up with surburbia??? he don’t blog no more!!! its been 2 months since he last posted.

    just askin!

  24. i’m not referring to him as Alfie. Alfred or plain Fred will do 4 me thank u very much.

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