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Rock Night Chronicles.


I have always wanted to call my Friday morning posts that because they usually begin with me saying I went for Rock night and it was so much fun.

I went for Rock Night and it was so much fun, I was with Alfie and a few of our friends, ie some of his and some of mine none are shared, not yet anyway. I am in an unusually good mood today. The things that usually bug me are just not that important any more or atleast right now. I have a shitload of work and I am not complaining as I usually do and also by now I am sure you have figured out that the only reason I am posting is to use that title.

Kudos to Degstar on his new journey and I can’t wait to read ‘100 days of unemployment.’

Did I ever pose on all of you how Zach Braff is one of my friends on myspace. Anyway he sent me a funny joke:

Guy 1: Knock, knock.
Guy 2: Who’s there?
Guy 1: Who cares? Your mom’s a whore.

Ok since I have run out of the nothing I had to say, I will let y’all get back to whatever you were doing before you did this.


4 thoughts on “Rock Night Chronicles.

  1. i like that, some of ur frends n some of his friends, kawa!

  2. yep, it’s kawa now…but later it gets messy when his friends have become your friends and some of your friends become his friends. it gets tricky when you split up, i must say.

  3. @Iwaya: Are you serious? When?! I am not planning on breaking up and even if I were wouldn’t it be totally incredulous of you to say ‘when?’ I am still in that loved up stage and this really is not the time for ‘when?’

  4. that joke aint funny…haha!

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