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No, not fity cent and if you don’t have a speech impediment, fifty cent. I just realised this is my 50th post yet I have been blogging since November 2004. I am mostly a very lazy writer but having access to a PC with internet all the time has helped me improve.
Remember my tentative plans for the weekend, I didn’t do any of the things I said I might do. My boss kept me here late on Saturday so I didn’t go watch goats race and I din’t go to Jinja for my much needed weekend get away. In short, my weekend sucked; hard.
I am back at work, not refreshed at all after my one day off a week. Will post when I have something to say.


5 thoughts on “50.

  1. were u like actually planning on spending the weekend in Jinja with Himwhosenameshallnotbeutteredbyme? cause dats how i read the plans, that came to naught. wonder what Aunt Phoebe thought of dat?

  2. bait & switch. this is what i get for hitting F5 all day for an update.

  3. hey
    this is my first time to have a blog so i dont have much to say

  4. i just signed on like 10 mins ago but i was too……….
    i dont know(really didnt know what to say)
    if someone read my profile they would proably think iam the least interestin person who has ever had a blog(hold on)
    sorry about that i was attending to a client.
    otherwise this is pretty interesting.will enjoy this definately.gat to go
    (so much for a first day dnt you think so!)

  5. you darlin ihave two questions
    how do i read my comments from other eople,
    and then if i want to write weredo i go
    and three tell were to go to find wat and wat.
    four col me

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