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Of things.


So some unreliable sources tell me that the lady in Mafikizolo is sick and other also unreliable sources say she is pregnant; both sources agree that they probably won’t make it down here for their show scheduled for Saturday. Some more reliable sources tell me that J. Kazoora, the man behind the show is leaving the country today. As a result of these bits of disturbing news, it looks like I won’t be watching the show with my Mom and Alfie anytime soon or… at all. I guess I will have to arrange a conventional meet-the-parents type thing. This is hard because there is no distractions in case there are uncomfortable silences. Alfie, I know you are reading this so, don’t worry, I will work something out.
Since I am not going to watch the show I have made other plans. I am going to the Royal Ascot Goat Race on Saturday with Alfie without my mother. We are then going to Jinja for the weekend where I hope to bungee jump. These plans are tentative so if I come back here on Monday and say I did none of these things do not, I repeat, DO NOT BE SURPRISED!!!
I have just come back from a wonderful lunch. Alfie came (late) picked me up and took me for lunch. Let me divert from the topic at hand for a moment. I am going to assume that you have all been in the first stages of a relationship, the novelty of it all is enough to make your stomach turn (in a good way) everytime you think about it. If you truly care for the person, the thought of them just makes you smile. I was chatting with Alfie online and I was smiling the whole time and the whole time I looked like an idiot coz it looked like I was smiling at myself. So I beg your permission to gush over it while I still can before the fights and the madness take over. As I was saying, it was short but wonderful and I got a present out of it: a perfume. I love perfume.
As for Savage and Dante, you asked for it. More of me means more of this puketastic delirious giddiness. You will soon be wishing for more PB and less me.


5 thoughts on “Of things.

  1. Is this person one time, ever?

    I know he makes up for his lateness by being attentive. But still.

  2. And to think I was blasted for gushing…its coz I’m a guy,isn’t it..coz I’m black..coz I’m a black guy…

  3. Being attentive is not all he does to make up, Savage. It’s much more than that. It’s everything. You must have felt like this before, right?

  4. @Dee- I am not sure I want to answer that.

  5. Puketastic! You have officially taken over the number one spot on my favourite words list held for months by “ziggable”(sorry, Ish). Wow, I cant wait to describe something as puketastic.
    Hope you bungee jumped the shit outta this weekend…not literally cos, well, gravity and all.
    Just reading about your budding r/ship made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Almost puketa-…no? Too soon? Dammit!

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