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The last time I posted, like really posted was Saturday and I was excitedly waiting to watch Mafikizolo with Alfie and my Mom. Those of you in the know know that Mafikizolo missed their flight and thus there was no show thus no meeting between Alfie and The Mother (this is how I shall refer to her, real name Phoebe). So anyway, The Red Pepper broke the story and since they have a history of making stuff up I chose not to believe. Seriously, those Pepper guys said some girl died in the Tsunami and I met her about three Thursdays ago, far from dead. I went to the saloon to get my hair did and then I call my friend and she tells me she went to get advance tickets and the guy said the show was cancelled. I listen to Kazoora, who was the guy in charge, and he says, on his radio programme, that they will be here this week and the show will be there this Saturday. I am excitedly waiting once again.

On Sunday, I went and visited my old primary school, Kitante Primary School. I hadn’t been there in 10, count them, TEN years. Jay, you were right. I felt enormous. I remember the school being bigger. I loved it, I loved being there, they were some of the best years of my life. It was surreal being back there.

Monday, came to work, had the worst case of the blues, came to work on Tuesday, same old, same old and now it’s Wednesday. Savage, this should suffice as an update on me.

P.s. I know I promised not to bore you with my giddy, ecstatic state of mind but I am sorry, I lied. I am so happy right now. More later.


2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Now you are in the zone, dollface.

  2. Hey Hey!! Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I truly appreciate the love. 🙂

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