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Off the Market


I am officially off the market, we are talking dating wise. I have a boyfriend. I didn’t go looking for him but he just sorta fell into my laps, not literally. Yes people, you can now stop pining over me. I am gone and very happy. Now, I know how irritating new couples can be, what with name dropping every few seconds and general puke inducing sweet stories of their amazing first days so I will spare you but I must announce to the world, I LOVE HIM.

In other news, I am planning on watching Mafikizolo tonight. Alfie is taking my mother and I and I can’t wait, I love them but I am hearing some disturbing news that they didn’t make their flight or didn’t get off the plane, I refuse to believe this coz it would be totally bad karma. The first time my boyfriend meets my Mom and it all gets fucked up, so I am praying and keeping my fingers crossed that she likes him even if there is no show.

Otherwise, my life is generally uninteresting for the reading masses though I am having a whale of a time.

See y’all around.


10 thoughts on “Off the Market

  1. Damn that KAFUNDA dude.

    He kept it real and eventually you just had to land.

  2. hehehehe totally dickmatised…

  3. 2 dates later, huh?? lucky u, this whole dating thing actually works for u! maybe u need to give a few pointers, u kno, on how to date the GOOD guys!!

  4. didn’t we know it was coming!

  5. I am wondering if I should hate him or wish you all the best.

    I guess I will do the PC thing and wish you all the best while I go put a caricature of him up on my darts board (best I can do since I don’t know any voodoo doll makers)

    Lucky chap

  6. knew i picked up this blog thing too late. he’s already meeting the parents too? he moves fast…

    oh well, hi inktus

  7. they say the beautfyful ones are not yet born? they often forget to add, they are also often taken.

    (did i just say that? shriek!&*”! i fall dead!)

  8. Hmm.. Savage, I don’t think its the Kafunda dude..

  9. Heck., I know it isn’t the kafunda dude.

  10. @Savage, i think its that surburbia guy! suddenly he knows its not the kafunda dude, ha!

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