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I wasn’t stood up.

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Thank God, my faith in men is restored but it was put to the test before it could fully return to me. My as if blind date was supposed to pick me from work at 6.00 then he called and said he would be 30 minutes late; I told him to find me at the Shell select in Bugolobi. I went there and waited then he called and asked for another 30 minutes. Now normally this would have really pissed me off but luckily for him I just started a new book, The Autograph Man by Zadie Smith, and I can read for hours and not notice the time. Eventually he shows up and tells me I am going to have to wait another 30 minutes, I say I rather wait at Nandos where I usually have my coffee after work. I know, why did I wait, why was I being so nice? I must confess, it was because he is so cute, seriously, if he had been bad looking I would have dumped like a hot potato but he wasn’t, he was cute. If you are thinking I am shallow, I guess I am. Anyway, I wait with my book and he comes back after a while all looking nice coz he had passed by a barber while waiting for whatever he was waiting for. He totally made up for making me wait so long by being so attentive the whole night and still etting me roam Steak Out like the nomad I am.
So my faith in men is restored even after taking a few beatings.


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