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No more secrets!


With my last post, now the blogsphere knows all there is to know about me, how I look and sound so there is no more mystery. I sound ditzy in that video so my secret is out, I am not as smart as I sound when I am writing. Don’t hate me, keep visiting my blog, please. 😦

So after the last episode where I was stood up, I seem to have not learnt anything because I went ahead to set up another as if blind date with some guy for later today. Savage, I won’t be late this time. If I am stood up I will never again meet anyone I don’t know. They say ‘once bitten, twice shy’, I agree. So wish me luck. I must say though, that this is not exactly a date, we both happen to go for Rock Night on Thursday so we just agreed to meet up today and say hi, you know, put a face and voice to the faceless, voiceless online conversations. (Jay, it’s not you, no pressure.)


4 thoughts on “No more secrets!

  1. Heh heh. Pack pepperspray.

  2. @Baz: I think I will go with Doom.

  3. Hope this whatamacallit, date, meeting whatev turns into something. Otherwise those dreams you have in which you already have a husband make me squeamish because you are fabulously SINGLE.

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