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Dumber and Dumberer


The title of this post adequately describes the state of mind I seem to be perpetually in these days, as can be evidenced in my most recent post. Chalk it down to my undying faith in the human spirit but I agreed t have lunch with the office guy again. I know. Anyway, this time I out and told him I want fries, a sandwich and a bottle of water from the Shell, today, he sends his driver to pick me up and, lo and behold, we make our way back to the kafunda. I was wiser coz this time I was dressed appropriately, expecting this from him.
The food is good, no doubt about it, but seriously I give up on free lunches.


6 thoughts on “Dumber and Dumberer

  1. okay..a guy who sends his driver to pick u up and then wine and dine you at a kafunda???hmmm…is there something ur not telling us?

  2. meh. 3rd time lucky?

  3. I am in stitches.That dude is for real and he keeps it real. I think I might have to try out that stunt.Kinda reminds me of the LL COOL J character in Deliver us from Eva.

    Good luck making demands like you want fries, a sandwich and water.

    Would you like extra cheese with that?

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