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I don’t mean like aspirations and stuff, I mean, the go to bed, toss and turn kind of dreams. I have them alot but they are usually varations of movies I have seen recently or not so recently but they are never mundane or ordinary.

Once I dreamt that I was being pursued by the FBI and I was being driven around by my friend then she dropped me off in some deserted town with a shell of a building where I reenacted scenes from Minority Report.

Another time I dreamt that my room mate, one of the quietest people you will ever meet was a version of Trinity and she saved all of us (my friends and our husbands) from blood thirsty terrorists; that was funny.

Last night was another in this series, except this time, there were actually actors, the lead was the guy in Cellular, (I forget his name), and there were also some other people. Anyway, there was a ship and a huge wave and the Cellular guy saved our lives. I know what you are thinking, alot like Poseidon, so did I when I woke up. Once I thought of writing them all down so I could actually get a screenplay from them but I worried that I would be accused of pledgerism (I could always say I had internalised the movies).

The night before last, though, I had a very wierd dream. I was pregnant but I had a small tummy, I went to the loo to pee and my water broke, I remember so vividly how it felt, like a tank bursting open and water gushing out of it, anyway, I had to find my mom who was far away and on my way there I told anyone who cared to listen that my water had broken and they all insisted that I wasn’t, infact, pregnant. I found my mom, went to the doctor and he told me I had already given birth. Wierd, huh!?!

See y’all tonight at Steak Out for yet another Rock Night, especially you, Jay.


8 thoughts on “Dreams.

  1. . . .and now you figure,we DO want to know about Water breaking. . .

  2. “…..and our husbands.” Yeah right.I know it’s a dream but surely Darlkom you shouldn’t be having dreams where you are already married. You don’t even have a boyfriend.
    Kinda reminds me of the time I read in a magazine that Kelly Rowland was enganged to be married to some Footballer yet we didn’t even know she had a boyfriend in the first place.

  3. @savage: you think I don’t know how sad it is?

  4. so ure baby was in the toilet or the u wearing dragging it with u along the way somehow!!!

  5. The meaning of that dream obvious:
    So, what you need to do is avoid open spaces and don’t trust strangers. Make sure you collect on all your outstanding debts as fast as possible. The sacrifice doesn’t have to be a white goat. A speckled one will do.

    Always glad to offer my expertise.

  6. weird, those dreams. the devil must b on your case. “repent, repent…” shaggy is singing!

  7. And I thought I had weird dreams. most are in exotic/weird places, must be all that national geographic.

    Missed thr ock night. Had to house-sit for a jittery cousin.

  8. Where did you find it? Interesting read here

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