Dee In A Nutshell

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To the real Darlkom:
One word; change your password!


11 thoughts on “@ THE REAL DARLKOM

  1. Identity thief!!!!
    Get thee behind me, you!
    Who could you be?

  2. Also, ‘change your password’ is 3 words.

  3. maybe he/she meant one phrase? i think your work admirer just got a little closer to cracking the enigma that is you!

    keep us updated on this unfolding saga!

  4. Maybe you’ve got like a split personality,or sumthin.

  5. This is the impostor darlkom. Hey,this is getting really confusing. For real, Darlkom,change your password (read your archives and you’ll see I’m no expert hacker but just a bonafide fan that got a little bit more info than had bargained for). And I didn’t mean ‘one word’ literally…

  6. I refuse to change my password! I refuse to be blackmailed, I will stand my ground. And anyway, what’s the worst that could happen?
    (I could have just jinxed myself.) Oh, this is the real darlkom.

  7. “Change your password” is three words and not one.

  8. Can I also be a darlkom? Looks like fun.

    (nine words)

  9. hahaha severe case of MPD

    I also want- will be ‘the she darlkom’

    yeah- three words

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