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For Inktus.


“I hate India,” my swimsuit queen mentioned savagely as I passed her. “And there’s plenty of it to hate. I hate the heat, and it’s always hot, even when it rains, and I really hate the rain. I hate the food, and you can’t drink the water. I hate the poor people, and they’re all over the place. I hate the rich people, they’re so goddamn pleased with themselves. I hate the crowds, and you’re never out of them. I hate the way the people speak too loud and dress in purple and ask too many questions and order you around. I hate the dirt and I hate the smell and I specially hate squatting down to shit. I hate the money because it can’t buy anything, and I hate the stores because there’s nothing to buy. I hate the movies, I hate the dancing, I hate the music. I hate the languages because they’re not plain English and I hate the English because it’s not plain English either. I hate the cars except the American cars and I hate those too because they’re all ten years out of date. I hate the schools because they’re really jails and I hate the holidays because you’re not free even then. I hate the old people and I hate the kids. I hate the radio and there’s no tv. Most of all I hate all the goddamn gods.”
“Want to know what I like, what’s the only thing I like?” “I love the sea,”…

An excerpt from ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ -Salman Rushdie.


5 thoughts on “For Inktus.

  1. and i thought savage and deg cud rant!!!

  2. I wouldn’t live in India even if you paid me!I give marks to all Africans who live there!

  3. Salman Rushdie and India are as different as fish and flowers. Salman Rushdie is one of the few real people on earth, he speaks wats on his mind mindful of the shitstorm its about to create. Anyone who’s read the Satanic verses (my all time favorite book) would realise (while not dying of laughter) that this guy isn’t one to hold his thoughts back. He totally demonised Islam & Mohammed (saying mohammed was hallucinating coz of the mountain air, when he thought the angel gave him instructions). Rushdie’s a muslim himself but that didnt stop him.

    Talking about India, its not that bad. I lived there for 4 years and honestly after living in Uganda, its not that bad. Inktus tell them. India’s special in its own way…. but then of course, it has its moments..

  4. yah, this guy has a point, but india’s special in its own wierdness. i don’t hate it. aint in love with it, tho. i just don’t hate it. those r the best sentiments to hav towards it

  5. btw, came back to tell u i fowarded this little passage to a bunch of family and friends.

    one friend who left india a few days ago actually cried when she read it saying “i hated so much about it! but i miss so much of it even more!”

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