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I went for rock night on Thursday and had just a little too much to drink so I failed to wake up on Friday to come to work, so I didn’t, my excuse, sick day. I enjoyed my day off so much, I woke up late, had a fitting breakfast, read, went to the saloon, had a hotdog then went back home and read some more before going to bed early. I loved every minute and I wish I didn’t have to come to work at all.

In an unrelated development, this guy at work has been wanting to buy me lunch since I started so I finally conceded to go with him on Thursday. Now up till then I had been hinting that I love fast food, hotdogs, fries, burgers, anything fried and unhealthy, I like. So it’s Thursday and time for lunch, he sends his driver to come pick me up, I ask where we are going and he says it’s a surprise so I am excited, naturally. I get in the car, we go and the driver points out to me where we are going as we circle some building around the Nakasero Market area. I can’t make out any discernable restaurant so I start getting worried. I am wearing low slung jeans and a small black top so I am worried about where I am going to sit and still hoping against hope that it will be a high backed chair, it isn’t. We finally find a parking spot and start walking to the eatery, as I will refer to it from now on. I am not sure if this eatery has a name but I believe any eatery where you have to go through the open air kitchen to get to the benches you will be seated on should be referred to as a ‘kafunda’. The food, I have to say, was good but I have to say to all you guys, do not take me to a ‘kafunda’ the first time you take me out unless ofcourse I am given prior knowledge so I can dress appropriately.

I have run out of steam which is ok since I have run out of things to say as well. Till later.


8 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. do not be dissing on mama baker’s joint!!!!never shall thou diss thine kafunda!!meanwhile u havent told us wat u had for lunch,i really doubt it was a double cheese burger or a chicken tikka wrap!

  2. i love bufunda! they hav some kaama i dont understand! kati, i’m here lookin for some passage u promised me on my blog, where it b??

  3. I can see I am not the only one who enjoyed thursdays rock night. Next time say hi to the guy with the scruffy beard guy that is always hanging around the djs box feeling the music way more than evryone else. Ah yess and very “happy” too.

  4. @Joshua: I had matooke, rice, chicken, peas, g.nuts, avocado and salads. It was pretty good.

    @Jay: maybe I have seen you, I remember as if a kaguy with some bubeards near the dj, will look out for you on Thursday.

    @Inktus: I have posted the post especially for you.

  5. At least you Ugandan chics give a brother a chance.A chic has to be really down for your game and very down to earth to go with you to the Kenyan version of a kafunda.

  6. you absolutely have to give this guy marks for originality! a kafunda is the last place you’d expect a guy with a personal driver to boss around to take a girl he’s trying to impress, don’t you think?

  7. Dude is just keeping it real. Kinda reminds me of LL COOL J’s
    character in DELIVER US FROM EVA

  8. i feel you darlkom- i hate surprises! need to dress and accesorise for the occasion.

    then again he said it was a surprise- he got you! tee hee

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