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I didn’t jump!! Can you believe it? After all the hype, and I don’t think I am going to anytime soon, either. The guy who does the bungee jumping wasn’t there this weekend, trust Uganda!
In other news,… nothing. Is that so sad? I have no life outside my work and the book I am reading at the time.
Hey, I remembered something, I had a date yesterday and I was stood up. Have you seen my pictures, how could anyone stand me up? I have never ever been stood up before in my life. I think it’s only fair I give you the whole story.
I was at Steak Out on thursday, as I already told y’all, and I met this guy who spoke well and had a very original pick up line, he said hi and everything, then he said, “By the way, I am totally hitting on you…” I found that hilarious, maybe it was simply the number of Black Ices I had consumed but I agreed to meet him on Thursday at Cafe Pap at 6.30, I got there at 6.50 so either he was there and left or he simply didn’t show up.
Either way, I was stood up. New feeling,and I must say I don’t much like it.
Ok, I think that’s it;
See y’all tomorrow at Steak Out for yet another Rock Night.


9 thoughts on “BUMMER

  1. You were not stood up. You were 20 friggin minutes LATE.

  2. the last few posts have been really smoking. what are you on? pray tell.

  3. so Savage,are you saying that he stayed 15 minutes then went on to do important stuff he’d scheduled to do during the hours he was supposed to meet her? stood up she was. and that dude…he was a bum. lol!

  4. Update, apparently he was there for like 5 seconds, he didn’t even get out of his car. He parked out there looked out for me coming and when I didn’t, he left! I keep thinking, what if I was inside already seated, he never would have known.

  5. @LA: 5 cups of coffee and a Smirnoff Black Ice, everyday, you should try it if your heart can stand it.


  7. Darlkom take heart. Being stood up is not the worst that could happen.

    Lots good beautiful women get their hearts broken every godamned day.

    That some male species cheated on Halle Berry goes to show that some men don’t know a good thing when they see it.

  8. Speaking on Halle Berry, you know what an Eric Benet mood is?

    From the same guy who brought you the lyric “Some days I don’t shower; I don’t wanna be clean” comes, “I’m on my Eric Benet mood: Fuck everything!”

    Random thought.

  9. Stood up? No way…really…That’s as suckey as those dudes at NIKE that won’t get me a pair of Spiderman Sneakers…Oh..and sorry ;o)

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