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I am reading the most amazing book by the most amazing author.

The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie. I want to describe to you how amazing this book is but I just do not have the vocabulary, Salman Rushdie, on the other hand, is blessed.

Have you ever read a line so good you just go back and read it over and over and then you don’t want to read on because you are afraid that it was the best tline in the bok and everything else will go downhill yet you are just at the beginning of the novel? I feel this way about almost everyline. I have to share a few with you;

“He was a father who loved his sons and came to be hated by all of them becaue of the harangue that never ended, the critique that reached n final summation but surged on through the ays of their youth, while they, swimmers caught by the mighty wave of his disappointment, fought for breath and feared at every moment that they might drown.”

“Such were the factors that detached Ormus Cama from the ordinary ties of family life. The ties that strangle us, which we call love. Because of the loosening of these ties he became, with all the attendant pain of such becoming, free.
But love is what we want, not freedom. Who then is the unluckier man? The beloved, who is given his heart’s desire and must forever after fear its loss, or the free man, with his unlooked-for liberty, naked and alone between the captive armies of the earth?

Is that not some of the most bautiful writing you have ever read? And I am not even quarter way.

I was watching a programme on Discovery or some other channel about the anti-Christ and they said that he would be a brilliant orator and I was thinking, “Shit, Salman Rushdie is the anti-Christ.”

On the whole, I strongly recommend you read it.


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