Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.

Adventure and Rock.


Let’s start with the Rock. Yesterday was Rock Night at Steak Out and it was one of the best rock nights I have ever gone for. I wish I had recorded the play list so you could guys could feel bad that you missed; if you were not there, I am sorry, for there will never be another like it.

On to the adventure, I am going bungee jumping tomorrow and white water rafting on Sunday. I am spending the weekend in Jinja, so after work tomorrow, I will be off. I can’t wait! My friends are telling me not to get a heart attack but that is the farthest thing from my mind. I am so excited, I am actually enjoying my day after realising that Saturday is only tomorrow. Oh shit, I have to pack, but what do you pack to fling yourself off a high precipice to certain death? Jeans, I guess.

See you all when I have defied gravity, nature and death.


P.S. Carlo, I know!


3 thoughts on “Adventure and Rock.

  1. bungee jumping!!! im so jealous of an adrenaline junkie and im so jealous…..

  2. Takin the plunge are we…that ROCKS!

  3. Good to see that the rock Night is catching on. You are right it was a blast.

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