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I know it has been a while but I have been busy. My cousin, the girl I was working with, gave birth so I have been all by myself since last week. I must say it’s not easy but I guess I wil be fine.

In other related news, afore mentioned cousin is staying at our home so I get to see the baby everday. It’s a boy and the cutest baby ever. I always find it hard to believe how tiny babies are, this one is tiny and even tinier without all the clothes and blankets, he is always so covered up, he probably thinks he’s still in the womb. He is a greedy little, I was going go say bastard but his parents are married, I will go with tot. He breastfeeds like its the last time he will ever be let near his mother’s breast, you should see him going at it, he is like a maniac.

Ok, enough about the baby, in other unrelated news, have you guys seen Prison break? Is it like the best show ever? I am a proper addict, I can’t wait for season 2. Which do you think is better and why, PB or 24? I, obviously think PB, I will tell you why later.

My lunch break is over so back to work. L8r.


7 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. uhm…babies….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! BABIES?!? what am i doing commenting here????

  2. 24 is the business. no doubt. u seen season 5? too too hard!

  3. i’m back on air baby so check out all your previous posts cuz i left comments on them. degstar, you can stop complaining too about my blog, go see it.

  4. 24 has a more interesting concept but comeon having a day everyyear when the safety of the world (america by extention)lies in the hands of one person.

    I still like it but the novelty has won off. Prison break on the other hand..hmmm.Wish I could watch it at once instead of once weekly.

  5. In an unrelated development, I am back to the blogosphere. Catch me at


  6. @degstar: you have got to be kidding me, 24 exhausts me, I can barly go through an episode let alone an entire season, although I have watched them all except 5. Prison Break is the shit.

    @Jay: thankyou. I have watched the first season, like, a million times, I can’t wait for August 21, the second season.

    @both of you: someone once explained to me why guys might prefer 24 to PB and I would like to share this with you;
    24 appeals to men, in that, Bauer is fighting for the greater good, liberty, his country and all that, while, PB appeals to women, in that, Scofield is fighting for someting personal, maybe even selfish, the safety of his brother, the human relationship aspect as opposed to the country.

    P.s. Scofield is so hotter than Bauer.

  7. >”Scofield is so hotter than Bauer”

    You like them pretty boys, eh?

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