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Pictures, not of me.


I share Iwaya’s love for a good picture. There is this forward going around with some really well timed images. Here are two.

I bet that if the guy in Office Space worked in this office, he wouldn’t take his anger out on a printer. Great movie, by the way.

I love this picture and I so wish I was these guys. That is something I have to do before I die; swim with dolphins, along with visit New York and live there for a while. What would you like to do?


5 thoughts on “Pictures, not of me.

  1. this is cool. I get to comment not about the entry.but about the entry title.
    not of me-boooo!!*

    *I just be complaining!

    I don’t want to swim with dolphins,I don’t want to swim period. but I want a dolphin. they are so delightful. like as delightful as when you post pictures of you!

  2. those dolphins don’t look very friendly to me… in fact they look like they were bearing down on those two swimmers… of course i know dolphins are friendly and cuddly but a guy’s gotta eat some time!

  3. i wanna drive in the East African Safari Rally and beat Mehta Singh, if he’s still driving by then.

  4. it’s been what, a week since you updated? so you have gone and done another runner on us, eh?

  5. i want to swim with the dolphins too… saving up for watamu beach

    (that sounded so grown up…)

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