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The ones that I forgot


This is me at my cousin’s wedding. It was lovely, will try to gt more pictures.

Zam, Aino, I and Swidi at our friend’s kuhingira/nuptials.


9 thoughts on “The ones that I forgot

  1. Bring them all. Pictures are great

  2. Is that the pix that was refusing to show on Jay’s blog? Is that the one? I’m soooo looooving that pix! man, are you lobengula or charles balikudembe or mzikilizi or…oh shit, i love that image! i love it totally! Undo must see this one!

  3. Lady in red, will you dance with me?

  4. and what kind of name is Swidi?

  5. @savage: Swidi is a nickname, her name is Sumaya. Aino is also short for Ainomugisha but that’s what everyone calls them.
    P.s. I am dancng already.

  6. Joy of friends… all look like one lovely family. Keep close!

  7. u’re beautiful!!! (as if u need to be told)

  8. You’re myenda look absolutely stunning and you are all adorning them ever so gracefully! I love our traditional wear!!!


  9. so do i ninsiima, so do i.

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