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My friends and I


This is at megapix. Carlo, we missed you.

Fiona, Kaza, Zam, Moi, Aino and Swidi.

The lady is a tramp!


8 thoughts on “My friends and I

  1. consider a career in smiling at the camera,okay? don’t say you didn’t get career guidance!

  2. I maybe wrong but wasn’t this the face in the colgate advert?

  3. I don’t know what kind of tramp you meant, but I just pray you didn’t mean tramp as in prostitute or a person considered promiscuous.

  4. Awww, beautiful pictures…:) Ur siblings must be all grown up now eh and u really don’t change much, lookin real good!

  5. @savage: tramp, as in, the song. No worries!

    @mataachi: you’re wrong.

  6. @Dee: in my dreams I’m not!

  7. She likes the free fresh wind in her hair, life without care…

  8. I know darling, I know. Listen, we’re doing this again when I’m next in Ug no? Cool.

    P.S. Y’all looked like sultry seductresses by the way, sizzling!

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