Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.


The siblings.

Arnold, the brother. Looks nothing like this now, he is tall and I look 5 years old standing nest to him.

Doris, the sister. She is also tall and huge and no one can believe we are actually related.


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Before I post these pictures, I must relate a story. This happenned yesterday as I had coffee with Ernest. This dude walks up to him and says, I will paraphrase because I have shit for a memory, I love your work and I wish I could read t everyday!
Now I felt, like, awesome!! I mean, I was hanging out, chilling with this guy who other guys, strangers love. You could be forgiven for thinking its me he was propping, ie, giving props.
Now on to the pictures.
Its taking too long so I will upload them later.