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I finished campus, now life begins! I already have a job temping for my cousin who is going on maternity leave and the bosses, who are Isreali, have asked me to stay on. I guess my ife has began, much sooner than I expected, I must say. I work from 8 to 6 so, already, I don’t have a life, imagine that. I dont really have alot else going on, which is sad considering my life used to be jampacked with interesting stuff. Now all I do is sleep early, wake up even earlier but I must say, thanks to Ernest, I am watching some good movies and reading interesting books.
OK,ciao. Will post a few pictures of me at various weddings next time around ’cause it seems like everyone is getting married.


7 thoughts on “LIFE!!!

  1. are you sure about Poseidon? the reviews i have read so far say it’s not good.

  2. oh, and welcome to the treadmill. i mean, work.

  3. so, when’s your wedding? can i be your sister and get all wrapped up in the bitambi?

  4. That ship sunk at the box office. So many people can’t be wrong about it’s not being a decent movie.

  5. @everyone:
    Poseidon is not clever or groundbreaking stuff, it is simply so much fun. Its fun to watch and go along for the ride, the special effects, especially the huge rouge wave, are alone a good enough reason to watch. But don’t listen to me, go out, watch it and form your own opinions.

  6. @Carlo:
    ofcourse you will be one of my sisters and one of my gazillion bridesmaids. I love you too.

  7. @ darlkom-Dollface, we already have our opinions formed. That picture just doesn’t cut it.

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