Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.


This is me in our traditional wear, ie Kinyankore, at a friend’s kuhingira.


8 thoughts on “

  1. shorty is looking fine!!!!!!! loving the look(and im not talking about ure blog setting!!)

  2. Traditiional wear???? Nokihamya? cool blog u’ve got.

  3. girl you don’t change. aren’t you supposed to have some fake hair by now and all doled up in tons of make-up? nah, but then again you’re beautiful as it is.

  4. You are beautiful, I just want you to know you are my favorite girl.

  5. guys are getting excited!

  6. @everyone:
    thank you all so much. you love me, you really love me! more pictures soon.

  7. @Carlo:
    what happened to your blog? too many hits!?

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