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This is me in our traditional wear, ie Kinyankore, at a friend’s kuhingira.




I finished campus, now life begins! I already have a job temping for my cousin who is going on maternity leave and the bosses, who are Isreali, have asked me to stay on. I guess my ife has began, much sooner than I expected, I must say. I work from 8 to 6 so, already, I don’t have a life, imagine that. I dont really have alot else going on, which is sad considering my life used to be jampacked with interesting stuff. Now all I do is sleep early, wake up even earlier but I must say, thanks to Ernest, I am watching some good movies and reading interesting books.
OK,ciao. Will post a few pictures of me at various weddings next time around ’cause it seems like everyone is getting married.