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I am not going to make my usual excuses for being so lost simply because I have neither the inclination nor the time.
Straight to why I am posting. Doos anyone else feel like they need something more? Okay, I realise that that is very cryptic but allow me to explain. For the past 80 minutes I have been browsing my usual list of blogs, big ups to; baz, degstar, inktus, carlo, savage, rich, raymond, iwaya, one and anyone else I have neglected to mention yet you are positive you are in this group, it’s only because I have the worst memory imaginable. As i browsed i realised that I know only about 5 of these bloggers personally, now I don’t mean to sund needy but I need more. I wonder about these people, who are they, what are they into, are they happy, do they have a close network of friends, are they loners with alot of time on their hands? Too many questions, not enough grey matter? I feel that even though the net has given me the chance to be a part of these peopl’s lives when , in all probability, I never would have been, it has also kept me away from them. I am not a atalker, by the way, I just feel I need to connect with virtual friends of mine with whom a rapport has been established. Mostly, I just feel like a voyeur because I can read all about what happens in these people’s lives and their take on so many issues close to my heart yet this is not reciprocated because I don’t blog as much which is no one’s fault but my own. I realise this is turning into a boring insight and that I am mostly to blame for the state of things but I still have the right to rant, once in a while.
I would like to know what you all think of cyberspace and the distance it creates and diminishes all at once.
See you in space.


10 thoughts on “HELP!!!

  1. Even with just cyber friends, who one has never met, there is a closeness almost as good as that between real world friends.

    Reading people’s blogs makes you feel like you really know them.

    On my blog, I reveal less of who I am, because I mostly use it as a creative writing practice space.

    Every once in a while, I try to let people into my world.

    But I guess, someone can get a clue of my character, because, I do protest too much and I am very opinionated.So my blog is the only avenue I have to fully express my opinions.

    The one other satisfying thing for me is commenting on other people’s blogs.That comes close to having a conversation with the owner of the blog.

  2. Guys like hiding and being anonymous, but we do know that one of the regular bloggers is actually Nsaba Buturo.

    And Dee, you really really should blog more.

  3. this blogger falls under the category, “loners with alot of time on their hands”. Word!

  4. I’m sorry,you’re not a “alker”? What gives,Dee? I know what you mean, its like this vast bit of cyber nothingness and we are all just pawns in it…ain’t that sumthin…

  5. I think the regularity of someone posting on their blog is no direct indication of their not havnig a life. Take me for example: i hardly ever post but God knows i dont have a life. So i’d assume the inverse to be true as well.
    I think cyberspace is a meeting place for introverts and a quick passing through for “life-ists.” There’s this liberation of speech that gets you saying things you prob wouldnt in reality. Never underestimate the value of anonimty.

  6. I use my blog as an avenue to say almost what I want. Part of the fun I derive is from the fact that nobody knows me(i think) although it wouldnt be hard to figure out since I leave many clues for those just might figure it out.

  7. this is gettin interestin! my view: i don’t think bloggers r loners. i for one was introduced 2 blogsphere by iwaya & i got hooked. like savage, i use the space 2 practice my writin as well as thinkin. when i want to, i just sit & blog away. also, i find fulfillment in readin well written stuff and inspirational blogposts. but sometimes it gets annoying when people spend weeks without updating their blogs!and gettin 2 meet or kno bloggers better, i don’t bother. readin their blogs is enough!

  8. i’d like to think that no one is a stranger. that we’re all conneceted somehow and somewhere on earth, and that the world is a really small place. like what richard gere’s wife said in shall we dance, i want to witness other’s lives. this is why i read ppl’s blogs. and maybe that’s why we all blog, we want witnesses to our lives. how else will we or the world ever know we have an opininon on somehting if we don’t express it?

  9. ever heard of networking? yeah. you might meet that rich sultan’s son (would he be a prince) and he’d sweep you off your feet on his flying carpet to a world of jewel encrusted cups and plates.

    or i just like writing and it’s my way of passing time. whichever.

  10. Sorry about ‘deleted comment’… meticulous; typing error! Nways, quite interesting the myriad of opinions we got here! I think, Dee, u got pretty much of your questions answered in all the comments here. Bigger question now is, what do you??

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