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Beautiful eyes


I begin the same way I usually do, I know its been forever!!!
On with the post, I was at Raymond’s blog the other day and he had put up a picture of the most beautiful eyes he has seen so I had to post these pictures of Teddy Geiger who has even more beautiful eyes. Drool away!


6 thoughts on “Beautiful eyes

  1. I first saw this kid about two months ago on a now cancelled CBS sitcom LOVE MONKEY and I thought he was real talented. I suppose he must be your biggest crush.

  2. I can’t say much about anyone’s eyes really; i’m more about smiles myself. Just wanted to say Hey, Darlyne. Its been ages. We should catch up sometime. Stay safe.

  3. ever heard of tit for tat?? well now you have! besides, you misspelled my name. it’s Nduhukire, no double i.

    P.S. Darlyne Kody Komukama update your blog often!!

  4. OK Darlyne, u are officially pimped…

  5. what’s with girls and eyes? soulful, poetic eyes, oba? i have never totally got it.

    while i’m here, Dee I’m collecting, kati that book man and wife u said u have, can i borrow ko katono?

  6. i will give it to ivan in the course of this week, iwaya. expect it by the 2nd week of june.

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