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oh my God I’m back again

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It must be a year since I last posted on this blog and I know it souns as if all my posts start out the same but I cant help it if I am shit at committment. Ask my Mom. Anyway, the real reason I dont write is because I am anot as funny as I would like to think and I dont lead as interesting a life as I would like to so having said that dont be surprised when you check my blog out and fing I havent written in a while. Get used to it. Ok on to more serious topics. This week I read a wonderful book called This much I know or something like that. anyway it is written by Wally Lamb and sincr then everyother book I have read has falen so short I am considering not reading anmore. It was that good, and anyone who knows me knows I love to read. Also I think the following blogs are worth a read, ‘’, ‘’ start with those two I will fill you in on the rest next year when I write again.


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