Dee In A Nutshell

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so i cdnt come up with a title for this blog. as i was saying my birthday. i also am going to be on billboards advertising mtn and i had a shoot on sunday at 6.30am so after my night out i didnt have enough time to sleep coz we got in at 6.00am. anyway about the billboard i was paid 1.000.000(one million uganda shillings) yeah count them. anyway the modelling agency takes 50% , i know that is a rip off. anyway so in the end i get 5 hundred thousand shillings. ok i guess thats all for now.ciao


2 thoughts on “non

  1. i’m proud of you girl! at least we’ll have some pretty faces to look at on our way home or wherever and not those celtel faces! the money bit, you’re doing good for yourself! i’m always broke but hey, the Lord is still good.

  2. Hey,I want a cut on the money,is 70% asking too much? naah,just messing with you. I finally discovered where your blog title is from,Garfield,I watched it recently!It wasn’t all that but I guess you loved it,huh? Anyway,hope all is good,take care

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