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Back ups


so yesterday my lover asked me if i believed in backups. I said yes, which was probably not the best answer but the truth none the less.
Here is what I think, I want to get married no matter what and if I cant find Mr. Right then I plan on marrying one of my friends or someone I am really close to. I am lucky that the person I am with is the person I would ultimately marry coz he is the person I am most comfortable with.
I tried to explain to him that one’s having a backup does not necessarily reflect badly on on’s lover. So he said that implies not having faith, and I must admit he’s onto something there but that is the nature of relationships, how mush faith one has does not usually make the relationship las any longer than it would have.
There is this movie I watched where a man and a woman made a pact that if neither of them were married by 30 then they would jump off a bridge and drown. I consider this extreme, they should have just married each other thus saving two lives.
My lover made a reference to ‘Friends’, which if you have seen, also condoned this in the episode where Phoebe has a back up and a back up to her back up. I am not saying that because a tv show condones it is right, I am just trying to prove a point since tv is an imitaion of life.
Now I know you all have your own opinions so feel free to post a comment. I want to know what u think. Ciao


3 thoughts on “Back ups

  1. It feels like your relationship has no worth ,ever watched the English patient,notebook, since we are qouting from movies here,people although fictional rather died than live without their lover.Romeo and Julliet,now that was Gangstar love,Swallow the poison my advice.I don’t have a future in help lines organisations,huh?

  2. i’m of two opinions, they work and maybe you shouldn’t. let me explain, you’re husbandless and over 35, you need kids right? so you go for a backup to give you kids (better be a cute backup) legally and a stable family for them. then again, isn’t love the basis of marriage? you don’t love this backup, then what? if you believe the whole ‘time will make you fall in love’ theory then i’m all for it . . .

  3. Very scary, the thought that you actually believe(d) in this obviously relationship-breaking concept of backups…

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