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I watched Ray on thursday. I rather liked it except it was a bit on the long side. I got home at 11pm yet I had told my mom I was going to get home at 9.30pm. Anyway back to Ray, you have probably heard everyone raving about Jamie Fox’s performance, but I have to say he outdid himself. I really did not have hope in him but he disproved me when I watched the movie. Another actor who did really well was the boy acting as the young Ray, he was really good.
I also watched The Incredibles, finally. It had the best animation or graphics I had seen in a really long time and it had a very nice and involving plot. If you haven’t seen it, rent it and see it.
O.k enough with my wannabe criticism. Other than watching movies this whole weekend, I can’t say I have done anything interesting. If something comes up, I will keep you posted. Ciao.


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  1. we’re having a film festival here so i’m maxing out on it. so far i’ve seen national treasure, shark tale, and breaking all the rules which wasn’t so good by the way. i’m watching bridget jones: something, and the incredibles next. love ya girl.

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