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Ok, hate on me. I dont mind. OK I know its my fault. I was just talking to Raymond and he said I blog annually which is right. I have blogged only twice probably in two different years. I will try to blog monthly starting today. So I started working with my Godfather again and that is why I can now blog regularly.
Now I dont know what to say, there is nothing new happening in my life or atleast nothing worth talking about.
Raymonds blog makes mine look like the doodlings of a 2 year old. He has so much to say and I who hasn’t blogged in forever still can’t fill a page.
I have an idea I will do something I love and alk about movies. I am going to watch Ray tonigh and see what all the raving is about, you know, with Jamie Fox and all. I cant wait for the Oscars. I am going to watch them live and they will be on Monday at 4 am. I have to work on Monday so I guess I will be asleep on the computer. I will fill you all in on how it goes.
Ok, I think thats enough for now. I might strain myself doing so much after such a long time.


One thought on “I KNOW

  1. FINALLY!! I was beginning to think something absolutely terrible had happened to you. But then again I realised we must be related, my site isn’t as updated as it should be (keeping in mind that i have TWO!) Keep writing girl. More often that is.

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