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this friggin rain

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anyway so its another mundane tuesday and i am here in my uncle’s office trapped by the friggin’ rain. it has been raining since eleven. it let up at one letting me come for my lecture but now i am trapped here.

anyway its not all bad news i handed in my course work mind you it was late. almost a week late infact but my lecturer is a doll so he let me hand it in.

other than that there is nothing new in my life. as i keep saying i am waiting for Carlo to come back. i thought she was coming back on friday but i just talked to her mother and she says she is coming back on wednesday. honestly at this rate it looks like she is spending her holiday over there. if she comes back i will let y’all know.

ok i am even boring myself so i will bid all the goodbye and a day well spent. till next time.


One thought on “this friggin rain

  1. Guess who’s back! Back Again! Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, tiriri! With the whole tune and everything. I missed you too girl but now we can go as wild as we want to, yipee-ya-yay! (the *nsync way)

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