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Hey everyone. i am so excited i mean i can share every detail of my life with all of you and not have to see the look of boredom on you faces or the yawn you are trying to stifle in an effort to be polite. There is a positive side for u as well, you can simply switch me off anytime you feel like. so its a win win situation.

With that said nothing much is happening except this, i.e me writing in my all new blog. like i said i am so excited. ok i am beginning to sound like a broken record.

One of my best friends Carlo is coming back today. by the way she has her own very interesting blogs that inspired me to start this one so read them at and

all for now, more when my life gets interesting.


5 thoughts on “Rookie

  1. Well good on you! I’m Ray’s friend and I found your site through his blog. Welcome to the addictive world of blogging!

  2. Dee, welcome to blogmania,great to see you got your own blog up and running, I will be a regular poster of both irrelevant and even more irrelevant topics, Atleast now I won’t miss you so much,you’d better update it often,you hear me!I think you are very interesting

  3. Oh goody,so it has come to pass.It is just as I said on that blog that people seldom visit,a trend has been set.See I’m doing the whole prophecy thing…Welcome to our world Dee…and now for some shameless advertising

  4. ki komdarli! couldn’t pass up an opportunity to embarass you. i won’t say i’m glad you came to the whole blog thing cuz it’s really addictive and from the words of someone i met on a blog “it’s for losers”. so welcome to the losers club! ok, i’ll be like the smallest loser of all the losers that blog and i’m not even going to venture a clue as to who the biggest is. love you lots girl. ate keep writing cuz i’m going to be checking ‘elke dag’.

  5. So are you ever going to post again? it’s Thursday!!what are you waiting for?

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